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We are CAN IMMIGRATION FIRM, founded in 1994 at Toronto, Ontario. Composed by professional lawyers, consultants and accountants, we aim to provide top quality service to clients. During our practice, we have provided consultation and solution to customers in different background, from student to corporate manager. We have successfully helped our clients with their cases like study, work permit, investment immigration, economic immigration etc.

Our legal consultant, Mr.Tony Wang, has been in this business for more than 15 years. He has a unique view about the immigration trend. With his status in ICCRC and his experienced knowledge in Canadian Immigration law, he analyzes client’s case comprehensively and providing a better solution to each individual case.

Our lawyer, Mr. Gerald Miller, has over 25 years of experiences practicing law. He was one of the original founders of the Canadian Lawyers Network (CLN) which was a national network of Canadian law firms practicing real estate. With his specialty in Business, Condominium and Real Estate law, he has provided solutions and backups for many business investment clients.


嘉国律师行在1994年成立于多伦多,安大略省, 拥有专业律师,专业移民顾问和专业会计,立志于为客户提供高品质服务。从学生到大企业家,我们服务了许许多多不同背景的客户,帮助他们顺利办理工签学签,投资移民和经济移民等。

我们的移民法律顾问Tony Wang先生已从业15年,一直以其独到的眼光解析加拿大移民政策趋势。作为加拿大移民顾问监管会(ICCRC)成员之一,Tony Wang先生用其丰富的经验,对每一个客户的独特情况进行专业全面的分析,并给出最好的解决方案。

我们的代表律师Gerald Miller先生从事加拿大法律行业已超过25年。Miller先生是加拿大律师网络的创始人之一,凭借他在商业法,公寓法和房地站法律的资深经验与知识,为我们的商业投资移民客户提供独到的解决方案与后备支持。





  • 多重从业资质—不仅拥有资深大律师也拥有加拿大移民顾问监管协会(ICCRC)正式会员执照的移民顾问(ICCRC ID R 421127),从业保险金额达300万加元。
  • 二十年从业历史—- 在位于加拿大华尔街之称的海湾街为中国市场服务超过二十年商业移民律师事务所。
  • 经验丰富,成功案例无数—- 服务中国二十年 从个体户到上市公司的董事长。从学生到前十位的富豪之一。我们的经验超乎想象。
  • 个性化服务—-量身定做的投资移民计划和留学就业计划 专业人士确定您资产的申报方向,发掘您的资产潜力,协助解决申请过程中出现的疑难问题。 针对每一位申请者特点,提供精确的分析计划,确保成功。
  • 文档精准,多层把关。面谈多方辅导,面试律师陪同。
  • 强大的商业平台和超深的投资、就业渠道。


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